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About Us

Yo, movie addicts! Welcome to ereadingonthecheap.com – your new favorite place to get the scoop on all things Hollywood without cleaning out your bank account.

We’re a buncha film crazy people who live for the latest movie buzz. Indies, action flicks, dramas, comedies – you name it, we’re all over it. We’ve got connections in the biz for the inside deets, exclusive interviews with big name stars, and no-filter takes on what’s hot and what’s not at the box office.

Need the nitty gritty on that artsy flick everyone’s raving about? Want to hear a hilarious, no-holds-barred rant on the newest summer blockbuster? Or just craving some juicy celebrity gossip and behind-the-scenes scoops? We gotchu covered! Our reviews come straight from industry pros and movie-obsessed readers just like you.

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At ereadingonthecheap.com, you’re getting the premium movie experience for the ultimate steal. Can’t beat that if you ask me! Now let’s talk some flicks!