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    Wicked Origins by Paula Black

    By eReadingCheap / December 10, 2018

    Wicked Origins by Paula Black I have no idea what’s happening to me. When a tornado dropped my car in a land of short, wild people, I was shocked. With no way to get home, no idea where I was and no clue how to communicate with the muchkins, I was completely out of luck. […]


      Bustles & Bells and Mistletoe & Mayhem

      By eReadingCheap / October 30, 2018

      Get ready for a fabulous holiday season with two special, limited-time collections. Get Mistletoe and Mayhem for paranormal and urban fantasy holiday tales with a touch of merry mayhem, and pick up Bustles and Bells for the Yuletide magic of a steampunk world! Wreck the halls this holiday season! Join New York Times, USA Today, and bestselling speculative fiction […]


        Taunted Souls by Janice Ross Release and Contest

        By eReadingCheap / August 31, 2018

        Taunted Souls: A Friends to Lovers Romance For the past five years, Lucas Akins has been in love with his best friend Shayna Davies. Anyone with eyes could see, even Shayna. Yet she’s been fighting off her own feelings too! As they attempt to continue a life together as just friends, the universe steps in […]


          Storm by Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu New Release and Giveaway

          By eReadingCheap / July 31, 2018

          The first in a series, Storm is a twists-and-turns thriller driven by compelling characters challenged by dangerous forces, both external, internal, and eternal. Evan Storm had been confronted by his past (an unpleasant one at that) in his dreams, and now in his waking life. He is struggling to reconcile the evil that lurks in […]


            New Release -The Dociles by Valerie Puri

            By eReadingCheap / July 17, 2018

            The Dociles by Valerie Puri Walls are meant to keep the monsters out… Deep in the forest there is a wall where no wall should be. Behind it live the people of the Commune, the last remnant of human kind. Jennie Caraway has lived behind the wall her entire life, certain that it protects her […]


              An Alpha’s Captive: A Brandt Wolf Pack

              By eReadingCheap / June 18, 2018

              It’s been six months since Gerard Brandt lost his brother in a tragic accident. Gerard left home, years ago, after relinquishing his title as Alpha due to personal demons. He’s looking into the spike of deaths and deceit in his small town but in the center of it all is the dangerous and alluring Teegan […]


                One Thousand Tears (a dystopian mermaid tale)

                By eReadingCheap / June 14, 2018

                Among mermaids and humans, cruelty has many faces.  One secret Adelaide has kept for as long as she can remember—her love for Jonas. She is the daughter of the clan’s elder; he is a bottom feeder. As Mer, they can never be together. But as humans, it might be possible. When Jonas’s reckoning comes, he […]


                  INCOGNOLIO by Michael Sussman

                  By eReadingCheap / May 30, 2018

                  INCOGNOLIO by Michael Sussman Bewildered but lovable author, Muldoon, is trapped in the dreamlike narrative of his own surrealistic novel. Beginning with just a title—Incognolio—he enters a bizarre fictional realm that plunges him into an identity crisis of anguishing proportions. Is he writing a story in which his stillborn twin sister has come to life, […]

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