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Contest – The Palisades Ronald J. Wichers

By eReadingCheap / March 28, 2019

What nameless thing sustains us? Religion? What does it mean to be religious? And what sort of woman would faithfully minister to the needs of a dying husband, a man who has neglected her and betrayed her? A woman with no ties to any religious tradition.

And how many among us would remain loyal to a nation embroiled in a war that many believe should never have been allowed to happen—a conflict in which the mightiest nation on earth waged war on one of the very poorest?

And what is faith? Is it only rote learning of prayers and hymns, moral laws and historical facts? Or is it something that only a few among us are given—a seeking of something, of someone that resides in the heart of all things?

Take the journey through The Palisades and wonder.

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Author Ronald Wichers

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